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Built for both Indoor & Outdoor use and only 5 minute setup time.

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The Most Portable, Durable and Safe Gaga Ball Court Available!

Built by camp, fitness and Gaga experts, our Gaga Court is:

  • Fully portable – you can move your court inside on rainy days and during winter time
  • Inflatable – easy to inflate and deploy in less than 5 minutes
  • Safe – no dangerous hard edges
  • Within regulations – built by Gaga Ball experts – 24 feet x 3 feet tall with 2 exit/entry points
  • Super durable – designed for commercial use
  • Excellent value – less expensive and easier to use than any other option
  • Group activity – get up to 25 kids playing and learning together at the same time

Check Out Gaga Court In Action!

Gaga Ball is the perfect active game for use at camps, after school programs, events and parties. Our portable, easy-to-setup and durable Gaga Court is the right solution for Camps, YMCA’s, JCC’s, schools and fitness centers.

It’s time to get a portable and safe Gaga Court! Buy Gaga Court Today!

“It has proven very popular.”

Michael Sundel
Managing Director, Community Food Engine / Easthampton, MA


Laurie O’Shaughnessy
Executive Director/CEO, Canandaigua Family YMCA / Canandaigua, New York

“The Gaga pit has been great!! It is much easier to move around and a lot quicker to set up. The kids are really enjoying the Gaga Court and it was a wise investment…”

Scott Capp
Willoughby, Ohio / West End Branch, Lake County YMCA

“Gaga Courts are Great!!!! The kids love them.  Keep asking us to bring them out. I love how the bag is not actually a bag and you don’t have to fold it up perfect to make it fit.”

Erin Martire
Philadelphia Freedom Valley YMCA

“The gaga courts were a HUGE hit at our camps. All my staff said it was the best thing we have purchased for our camp. The blow up part is excellent as they can be taken down and up really fast. Thank you so much!”

Diana Huff
Fairmont CA Summer School Programs

Perfect for Camps, Schools, Recreation Programs & Churches

Full Gaga Court Package Includes

  • 24-foot custom 3-color inflatable Gaga Court
  • 1-hp inflatable air-blower
  • Quick Wrap case with 4 easy Easy-Go handles

Safety is our #1 Goal!

  • Gaga engages large groups with active play that promotes fun and motor skills
  • All Gaga players – no matter athletic skill level – are on equal playing ground
  • Easy use indoor or outdoor
  • Authentic 8-sided Gaga design for up to 25 participants
  • Easy to inflate and deploy in less than 5 minutes
  • 2 easy access entry slots to keep the game moving

Customize the Color of Your New Gaga Court!

Over 14 colors available! Select up to 3 colors per court.

  • 123951
  • made-in-usa
  • 3-year-warranty

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